Monday, February 2, 2015

Terri Simon - The Creeping Things

Are you happy now, my darling,
the sun has risen up?
The creeping things that stretch and groan,
they do not like the light.
They played with you
in darker hours,
their scratchy laughter
rumbled through the night.
Were you running from them, darling,
hiding in fear,
or playing tag
in mock delight?
And now the sun is shining
upon your territory of day,
is it you who does the taunting,
ripping, shredding, causing fright?
The creeping things are hollow,
they know not right from wrong.
Do you and I have the same excuse, love?
Or are we stained with septic blight?

Terri Simon is a writer, drummer, and a techie. Her work has appeared in “Aberration Labyrinth,” “Three Line Poetry,” “Black Mirror Magazine,” and the anthologies “A Mantle of Stars: A Queen of Heaven Devotional,” “Bright Stars: An Organic Tanka Journal (Volume 1),” and “Switch (The Difference).” 

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