April 5, 2022

Licrish by Sean Woodard

Mrs. Whittier 

ELA 4th Grade 

Writing Prompt #5 



For your homework assignment, write about your family and some special memories you’ve had with them. Length: Five paragraphs minimum, 5-7 sentences each. Use your five senses: see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Pay attention to spelling and grammar.




Charlie Helm 

Mrs. Whittier 


Febry 21, 2022 


My Grandaddy takes care of me. Aint gotta Daddy. Granddaddy says he run off with a hor. I dunno know what a hor is. My Momma she real nice but she gone. Once Granddaddy slapped her when they fight bout feedin me right. I liked her chickn dinos. I aint sposed to talk bout her. 

Grandaddy likes licrish. He makes his own in the shed out back the house. I aint loud inside. Says it’s outta bounds like in freeze tag. One time he go to town to sell licrish. I snuck in. Inside wuv a table. An buckits with what look like molassus. The licrish wuz inside a fridge. I tried one. It wuz chewy an tasted yucky an sticky an lumpy. It stand my fingers red an black. Like when I cut my hands at recess. 

One memory I have wuz this. I buy Grandaddy licrish from the store with my lowance. He threw it away. Make me eat his licrish till I threw up. I aint buyin licrish from the store agin. Now Granddaddy gives me licrish for breakfast an dinner. Says Ill git a taste for it soon. I luv him an he aint hit me. 

Granddaddy an I watch TV together. Grandaddy has a flag I seen on the newz. Red with a blue X and stars hangin from the shed. Granddaddy says the South will rise agin. He make no sense. How can a direcshun git up? Sumtimes Grandaddy lets me sip his beer. It make me dizzy an I fall asleep. 

Last week I member hearin a shout an wake up. Theres a light from the shed. I go outside an peek threw a hole in the wall. Grandaddy wuz tyin sumthin up. Looked like a man but I dunno. I aint got my glasses. I start shivrin an run back inside. I hide under the covers. 

Next mornin we wuz watchin newz at breakfast. Grandaddy pulls a fresh peece of licrish outta his pockit. He give me sum an eat the rest. It taste better this time with salt. Kinda like jerky. Newz lady says theres a cereal killer nearby. Granddaddy flips to cartoons. Says we have to move soon. But I like it here with my frends an skool. An Granddaddy skares me. 

Sean Woodard serves as the film editor for Drunk Monkeys. His creative works appeared in Los Angeles Review of BooksScreenshot LitSouth Broadway Ghost SocietyNonBinary ReviewThe Cost of Paper, Vol. 4; and Found Polaroids, among other publications. Follow him at http://seanwoodard.com, Twitter @SeanWoodard7326 and Instagram @swoodard7326.

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