Wednesday, February 18, 2015

G.E. Schwartz - Initiate / Water Spell

Sealed with perfumed oil upon your forehead,
having dedicated knife, cup, cord, all working
implements, do not presume the power a servant
at your beck and call believing you must then
pay lip-service only, casually keeping festivals
by rote and not within the heart; it is a burden
we must bear in love and pride through darkness. 
Water Spell
When water trembles beneath you hand held poised
above the still silver bowl that you have placed
in a place of sunlight, do not touch, but wait;
the silent message is the one that washes through
our bones, cleansing with all the waters of Will
that mantle our births and move the moon-lit tides
and carve the land and draw green up to light from
roots more deep than any mind may know, and bow
your head until the water stills and mirrors your
own eyes. Then close your eyes.
G. E. Schwartz, born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, 1958, is the author of Only Others Are: Poems (Legible Press), WORLD (Furniture Press), and SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Hank's Loose Gravel Press). He is a simple bell-ringer.