Monday, March 30, 2015

Orume Legberis - They Come

Dusk closes in on the cracking fields.  Bitter air slices as razors between every branch and blade.

At the woods’ edge, under the ancient freeze-dead willow, there is movement.  

The shadows shiver and the ice-crusts crack.  

Snowdrifts heave upwards, lurching towards the pewter sky like a drowned man found his way to Heaven.

Then, labored, aching, cold tendons creaking, the hungry wights awaken.

And they come.

Aged bones deadfall-gray, splotched with lichen, they come.

Hollowed ribs and yellow-cracked teeth, they come.

Ice-bright eyes in clotted skulls, they rise from forgotten graves.

They come.

God has forsaken us.
They come.

Orume Legberis is a practical woman with a practical life.  She is a nursing student, a mother, an artist, and a dreamer.  She wears sensible shoes and too much makeup.  She loves the arcane, the occult, and the weird, forever seeking the next creepy thing.  She also hails from Georgia.

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