Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jan Darrow - Among the Trees / I Am

Among the Trees
there’s nothing odd about the orchard
except it’s old
the trees are lined in rows beyond a wall of stones
the house that once belonged 
has scattered long ago
a time worn life light whirled away by wind
the years have turned to cars now 
driving down this gravel road
past the faded rows of apple trees 
remain some stooped
old men 
their broken cane like branches prop them up 
and yet they blossom in the spring
I Am
splintered at the shallow end
don't think you can strike a piece of steel
against my bones
you can't put me back together
and though the leaking
has begun
I wish I could not say
I know that I will stay
until I drown
Jan Darrow is a graduate of the University of Michigan and currently lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter. She has always been interested in the paranormal, and finds abandoned places utterly beautiful. She has been published online and in print.

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