Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jason Crane - What Happens Right Before the End

outside they are howling, crazed
throwing their bodies against the door
they want, need, demand a victim
I can hear claws on the wood
claws on the stone of the floor
their shadows move like dark moths
in the faint light under the door
one of us will have to go

yes, you are here with me
wherever here is
we're trapped together, no exit
but the door and death
whoever leaves won't be coming back
there was never any question
which of us would go through
the only question is when

knowing that this is the end
I turn to you
take your face in my hands
your cheeks shine with tears
my own cheeks, also wet
I lean down, kiss you hard on the mouth
"goodbye. I love you."
I turn the knob, step through, and— 

Jason Crane is an interviewer, poet, comedian and musician. He hosts The Jazz Session (, and writes poems and essays at Jason’s first collection of poems was Unexpected Sunlight (FootHills Publishing, 2010). His second book might come out in 2015. Twitter: @jasondcrane

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