Monday, October 26, 2015

Wayne Russell - Forever Young

Sitting upon the mantel 
smiling back at me, as the
embers crackle in the fire
place below.

Your essence has been captured
in this pseudo wooded picture
frame for all eternity. 

Your dress never changes, no 
fading, nor stain to remove.

Red lip stick applied permanently,
blonde hair, curls cascading all 
around the parameters of your face.

Your porcelain skin doesn't wrinkle, 
in this photo, you are forever young;
green eyes smiling back at all who
pass by.

Wayne Russell is a creative writer from Tampa, Florida, his work has been described by his peers as "dark" "brooding" "honest" "raw" "surreal" "gritty" and "real."  Over the years Wayne has been published in various publications such as Foliate Oak, Poetry Quarterly, Danse Macabre, Dead Snakes, mgversion2>datura, Eccentric Press, Far Off Places, Poets' Espresso Review, and the Moon Mist Valley anthology.  

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