Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween by G.E. Schwartz

It's neither trick nor treat. Come
into this house of horror, whoever
you are. I am waiting here with my
little dark box of words. You may
have this one and you this. I am
remembering Halloween when all the
callers were children. You are not
children playing at warlocks, witches,
zombies, devils, ghosts, super heroes--
but ghosts pretending to be people;
this is something I really understand,
being myself no more substantial now
than you who have no door to time
but stand outside with threat and
promise, waiting for words that are
no more than words.

G. E. Schwartz, born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, 1958, is the author of Only Others Are: Poems (Legible Press), WORLD (Furniture Press), and SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Hank's Loose Gravel Press). He is a simple bell-ringer.

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