Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wooden Tulip by Nina R. Alonso

Could have been me posed
in a window wearing that floral lace bra

another spotlit female body
for sale on Amsterdam’s red street 

Could have married exchange student
Hans already old when young

sensibly planning to be a dentist
dreamless life framed industrious

my shrunken world a dutiful
struggle to produce sons

Could be escape was accidental
as what did I know 

so it’s fitting when
he shows up at high school reunion

multiply divorced like me
wearing his frayed coat of years  

smoking a Cuban cigar on the balcony
waving his fingers ‘hello’ though

for a moment I don’t recognize 
this thick bellied lump of bacon

Could be the gift Hans brings me
all the way from the airport 

and presents with a not quite courtly bow
is right for this emptiest of occasions

a single wooden tulip
pink on an unbending stem. 

Nina R. Alonso's work has appeared in Ibbetson Street, Sumac, The New Yorker, Ploughshares, MomEgg, Muddy River Poetry Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, U. Mass. Review, New Boston Review, etc., and David Godine published her book This Body.

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