Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Shadows by Pat St. Pierre

On this property was once a young house
occupied by a youthful woman and her family.
After many years, floor boards squeaked
and the woman’s joints cracked. 
It had been said, before the family
moved here, a death occurred in this dwelling.
No one was sure what had happened.
The woman, now elderly, lived here alone;
shadows seemed to move around walls at night.
At first the woman thought cataracts were her problem.
But after weeks, figures appeared in the room.
The aged woman began to question her mind and speculate
whether she was losing a part of reality. 
Soft voices were heard.
They appeared to be crying. The woman’s heart
pounded as she listened carefully to the sounds. A distinct
voice was heard weeping – a child’s voice.
The old woman wrapped her arms around the shadow of
the child. The crying ceased. From that night
forward no figures were seen;
no voices were ever heard again.

Pat St. Pierre is a freelance writer for adults and children in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She has had three poetry books published. Her latest "Full Circle" by Kelsay Books. Her work has appeared both online and in print. You may view some of her work at: Kids Imagination Train, ProQuest, A Long Story Short, Poetry Pacfic, The Camel Saloon, Silver Boomer Books, Alfie Dog Fiction, Friday Flash Fiction, 50 Word Stories, etc. She is also a freelance photographer whose photos have been on covers and included both online and in print. You may view some photos at: Whisperings, Sediments, Gravel, Our Day's Encounter, Decades Review, Southern Women's Review, etc. Her blog is

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