Monday, August 7, 2017

To A Crow by Michael Keshigian

Your perch upon
the high white pines
dizzies rooftops
which stare at your nest,
nestled on a branch, 
camouflaged by fir,
green curtains closed about you
and blue sky behind 
completes your décor.
The sun illuminates
your airy boudoir,
the gusty wind
delights lofty humidity,
as you sit alone in luxury
and the rare lightness
of a fluttering disposition.
Prince of altitude,
heaven and whispering clouds
become your attire,
and when you visit,
red roses, white birch,
and colorful phlox 
bloom in your park.
You are night,
passing through day,
the avian ambassador
to the wingless,
ruling the ancient court
beyond living
hidden above our heads,
we whisper in response
to your flagrant call.

Michael Keshigian had his twelfth poetry collection, Into The Light, released in April, 2017 by Flutter Press  ( He has been published in numerous national and international journals including Oyez Review, Red River Review, Sierra Nevada College Review, Oklahoma Review, Chiron Review and has appeared as feature writer in over a twenty publications with 6 Pushcart Prize and 2 Best Of The Net nominations. (

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