April 24, 2019

Mom's Candle by Alexander P. Garza

My mom buys those cylindrical candles
with images of either Jesus or Virgin Mary.
She lights them at night or day
And sends prayers into the world.

She calls upon higher powers
Or angels or spirits
To lift any curses, to heal wounds,
To fight off demons, and mend severed limbs.

Her dreams take flight
Sometimes into the heart of demonic spirits
And she screams silently in her sleep
And avoids bumping ghosts on the street.

She has that extra sense,
That many brujas have,
The one that listens to the dead,
The one still soaked in past.

Alexander P. Garza is a writer, actor, and educator from Houston, TX. His work can be seen in Amethyst Review, Magnolia Review, Ekphrastic Review, Penwood Review, and others. He has worked on and offstage at The Alley Theatre, Houston Grand Opera, Main Street Theater, and Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company. Visit him on Instagram/Twitter, @alexanderpgarza, and on his website http://www.alexanderpgarza.com

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