Sunday, October 9, 2016

Black Pearl Sky by Sue Rose Hiss

She was alone again, trying not to
look behind at the ghosts that followed
her home. The cool air stifled her
breath; she coughed just to think.

With a loud rumble, the clouds above 
parted ways, having fought over a lost 
crow that stole their warmth. Pellets
of black pearls fell from the sky, 

bouncing off her porcelain body. Like
old war wounds, she carried the cracks
in silence. There would be no storytelling
for the children, only nightmares 

replaying in her eyes. Her pale hands 
trembled as they shielded her from the 
pain. With a loud caw, she spread her 
wounded wings, ever searching for the 

sun that would warm her frozen heart. 

Sue Rose Hiss likes to dabble in poetry and short fiction. Her first book, a gothic fantasy, The Rosegiver, was published in February 2017. She's currently working on a paranormal novelette, which may or may not be completed by Winter.  Sue has always been intrigued by haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, forests, gardens, and abandoned buildings.