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Chaplet #5 - Dark Flower by Stephen Jarrell Williams

Dark Flower

Poetry & Cover Art
By Stephen Jarrell Williams


Table of Contents

My Secrets
Only A Few Are Picked*
Always In The Distance
The Plea
Night call
The Spell
Her Necklace
My Only Hope

* First published in Black Poppy Review
January 30, 2015

My Secrets

My secrets are ancient
Myths have formed at their edges

My face and form are forever
Changing somewhat with my mood

Pressing my finger on another mini knot
Beginning bulge trying to rise on my forehead
Tip of a horn

A circular rubbing it down keeps my intentions hidden
Vampire heal thyself
And I do

I was one of the first to write and paint
Abstract meanings
Dark flowers

Filing down my growing nails and teeth
Never wearing a cape
Staying away from mirrors a joke

Turning into smoke and flying like a bat so ridiculous
But it gives a scare and helps to cover my footprints

The day a whim
Night its covering

I am high and low and fickled like an old hag
I’m strong as a mad bull on the charge

I am a lie
I am a quiver magnified

I laugh until I’m hoarse when drunk
But the truth is I often convulse into fits of tears

I drink the wine of others
Slow sips of boring lives

But some make me a child again
Dreaming dreams I wish to die within.

Only A Few Are Picked

The long night lingers before you
But you know its end will be too quick
Too painful
Too full of eyes closing

You step out on the street
Cars moving and pedestrians walking
Unaware of all the hovering above them
Only a few are picked

Only a few morsels in this area of the city
But there’s a whole country
A whole world half in darkness
And half blinded by the light

The harvest is plentiful
A chooser’s paradise
No one listening
Or believing

The monsters among us.

*First published in Black Poppy Review
January 30, 2015

Always in the Distance

This night bringing everyone out
A calming breeze with another day done at the job

I see you down the street walking around the corner
My steps quicken as you are always beyond me

Seemingly teasing me to follow
Just to get another glimpse

Another sigh
Amplified when I cannot find you

The streets elongated with those so fortunate
Those that have seen you up close

Those that keep a picture of you in their minds
A picture to return to in their dreams

But for me
You are gone again

Always disappearing
Into your hiding place

For somehow you have sensed me
Sensed my strangeness

Sensed my need to hold you in my arms
Struggling against me

Plucking your magnificent wings off
Kissing you with the kiss of sin
But never leaving you in the unreachable distance.

The Plea

Every night the stars seem to reach down and stroke me
Then they crush me
Pushing me face first into the street
Mashing me into the asphalt maggots

It takes
Everything I have to get up

Blood soaked again
Beautifully wicked within the shadows of the fallen

I can fly now
But never high enough

The earth and its magnetic pull
We are trapped

Trapped in the taking of others with us
Trapped in hearing their pleas for release
We turn to the seductive release of the crazed

It whips at us
Whipping continually

Oh please
Let the sun rise again
In a garden of long ago when the world was whole.

Night Call

The last of the day ebbs back toward the horizon
Shadows collecting into the darkness
Souls and those without souls

Hoping what we have heard is not true
Us that feel the sharp pain of separation
A rebellion in our blood

We are the stone-hard dreamers
Whispering in the crowning of night
Magnificent in our madness

I say “we” and I seldom see
Others of my kind
But we are everywhere

We often attain greatness in the public eye
But more often we are hidden within
Capes and caves and cavernous mansions

And the world sweeps past us
As we grab at the strands of life
Lost from a time we cannot remember

The night always calling
Leading us out into the emptiness
The endless search of loneliness
Tortured by the so-called people of love.

The Spell

You’re in a state of dreams and half awareness
My spell upon you

Your eyes heavy
Your body light

Floating with my touch
Quivering with my words

Stillness of night outside the window
A ring of candle lights around our bed

You have a slight smile of anticipation
Your flesh rosy pink

Soon to be caressed
Tingled into a thirst

Your moans expecting heaven
Your suppressed screams ready to be released

Nothing like this
Has ever happened to you

The floorboards creaking
With my weight coming down upon you

Snuffing out the candles
Consuming your unbelieving world into mine.

Her Necklace

She didn’t wake up screaming
Wondered why the sunlight through the window
Did nothing to me

She went to the bathroom
Peed blood
Rinsed her mouth with water from the tap

She came back into the bedroom unafraid
Stood before me smiling
Took her necklace off
Placed it in the palms of my hands

She gave me a kiss on the cheek
And left me alone
A silver cross
A dare
Dangling from the necklace.

My Only Hope

My paradise will be death
Never seeing another that I must have
Never seeing another like myself

Only a few of us begging for the end
The matrix of the mirror
My only hope

Truth in the great sacrifice
A man hanging on a cross long ago
For everyone and those such as I.

copyright 2016, Stephen Jarrell Williams

About the Author: 

Not so long ago, Stephen Jarrell Williams was called by some, the Great Poet of Doom…  Now, he writes at night, enthused, and waiting for the Coming Good Dawn.

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